The story of the metamorphosis of Orapar is very similar to that of a diamond – transformed from raw, rough carbon into a precious, ravishingly refined gem.

The journey started since 2017, when Founder and CEO, M. Parwez Nunnoo, was supplying precious metal and precious gemstones to the jewellery market in the UAE.

The desire for excellence and creating unique masterpieces of jewellery were the inborn characteristics of the founder. To date, Orapar is collaborating with the finest jewellery designers in Italy, France, Turkey and India to bring to life top of the range, rare and exquisite ornaments.

While we take extra care with our designs, we also know that the manufacturing process is of paramount importance. The techniques of perfect manufacturing can only be acquired with great craftsmanship and decades of experience. To achieve excellence, we have partnered with one of the most ancient manufacturing unit in India which still uses manufacturing procedures which dates back to the times of the Mughals. And on the other hand we have also partnered with a state of the art manufacturing unit in Singapore. The end results of this combination give the ravishing and perfections of our pieces of art.

At Orapar we have dedicated a lot of resources in the sourcing of our precious gemstones.  Our capacity to source precious metals, diamonds and other precious gemstones directly from the ground gives us the complete control of the supply chain. Our sourcing team works in close collaboration with ethical mines across the African continent to bring out the world best diamonds and precious gemstones to the market. With a strict quality control in our cutting and polishing unit in the UAE, Orapar ensures that quality is never compromised.

The presence of our physical buying office in Tanzania gives Orapar the edge to source the best quality Tanzanite directly from the Maasai Tribe at the foot of the Mount Kilimanjaro.

This vertical integration allows us to maintain a fully-integrated ecosystem with the natures treasure and to offer our clientele the best and purest stones in the world.

Orapar is not only a luxury brand, but a complete way of life which symbolises elegance, craftsmanship, luxury, uniqueness and ethics.




Precious Gemstones


An intense passion for diamonds has been the driving force in M. Parwez Nunnoo’s life since a young age. He embarked on a journey to acquire know-how and expertise in the world of diamonds and jewellery which has taken him around the world. From various seminars in Singapore to the intensive courses in Antwerp, passing by the sourcing of rough stones from the mines in the bushes of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Sierra Leone and concluding most complex deals with tough requirements from Royal family members and many ultra-high net worth in various boardrooms, Parwez has done them all.

‘Each gemstone has a unique journey; every piece of jewellery should reflect and tell that story.’

In 2017, Parwez realized how deeply anchored he is in the precious metal and precious gemstones industry as for a little boy from the southern part of the little island of Mauritius to now dine with princes, presidents and billionaires either in the most luxurious restaurants in the UAE or private yachts in Monaco, is the result of great determination, hard work and belief.

Armed with close relationships with famous designers, a strong network of professionals at various levels, full knowledge of the intricacies of diamond qualities and cuts, with the desire of being innovative and original, with the eye for micro details and a never-ending pursuit of perfection leads to the inevitable launch of the brand – Orapar!

The Diamond journey of Orapar

Diamonds date back to a formation of approximately over 3 billion years ago, deep within the Earth’s crust, where conditions of extreme heat and pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallise. This formation happens 150 – 200 km below the Earth’s surface and under these conditions, molten lamproite and kimberlite (magma) are also formed within the Earth’s upper mantle.

At this point, it expands rapidly, causing the magma to erupt and forcing it towards the Earth’s surface. It moves at an incredible speed, forming a pipe as it moves towards the Earth’s surface, and takes diamond-bearing rocks with it. As it cools down the magma hardens and forms kimberlite and settles in vertical structures known as kimberlite pipes. These kimberlite pipes are the most significant source of diamonds, yet only 1 in 200 are estimated to contain gem-quality diamonds. It takes over 100 tonnes of earth to find 1 carat of gem-quality diamonds. Once discovered here, the Orapar diamond’s journey has only just started.

Scheduled trips are made to the mines in Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo where only the best rough diamonds are hand-selected for Orapar from the mine production. Each selection process can take up to 3-4 days. Once the Kimberley Process cleared, the selected stones arrive at the diamond workshop of Orapar in the UAE to be further assessed and scrutinized using specialised equipment, laser mapping, 3D scanning and optical tools, combined with skills, experience and the most advanced tool of all – experienced human eye.

After 3D modelling, a very tiny window is polished to allow a better and clearer view into the inner core of the diamond, this is very crucial and lays the foundation that determines how the diamond will get cut and polished, to maximise its true potential. The process of cutting and polishing a diamond that will yield 1 carat can take between 3-5 days. During the process there are over 25 checkpoints to ensure precision, alignment and proportion, which transforms the diamond from rough to a beautiful display of sparkle and light. Once it is complete it is assessed and graded in compliance with international diamond grading criteria, known as the 4 C’s.

The certified polished stones are then transferred to our partners for manufacturing and to be set on the jewellery imagined and designed by our creative designers.



Perfection takes time, continuous efforts and attention to every single details. At Orapar we take all the necessary time required in a diamond’s journey from the start till the very end.

There are no two similar diamonds; just like there are no two similar people, each diamond has its own distinct characteristics. These characteristics translate into a unique energy and design language that cannot always be understood, but can be felt by the one who falls in love with it. Each Orapar gemstones tells its own unique story.

Orapar jewellery creations are unique creations which are inspired and created by our designers. We go extra miles to ensure that during the manufacturing process everything is done to perfection in order to create flawless masterpieces. Finding a magical design creation is a true test of the heart as it’s not always understood why we fall in love. 

Ethical Diamond

Orapar diamonds are graded by international, independent diamond laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). Each diamond comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and all Orapar diamonds are conflict-free and ethically sourced. 

Orapar diamonds are mined directly from African mines, assuring a peace of mind. We stand by the quality of the jewellery we provide and we guarantee our products over a lifetime period.

All diamonds graded adhere to the international diamond grading standard. Most diamonds over 30 points, and all diamonds over 50 points, are accompanied by a diamond certificate.